Big Horn Mountains – Wyoming

Kayaking in Wyoming is relatively unknown compared to paddling in the rest of the U.S. Wyoming contains just .18 percent of the U.S. population with a total of 568,158 residents. The antithesis of Wyoming is California, with 37,691,912 residents containing 11.91 percent of the U.S. population. *2011 U.S. census report

This past weekend I joined a group of paddlers to run some rivers in the Big Horn mountains. The first day I opened up an unrun section on Shell Creek.

 Shell Creek contained great boulder garden rapids and two distinct vertical walled gorges. Chris Johnson dropping in on the first gorge.
After a great day paddling on Shell Creek with friends we headed to Tensleep Creek. The flows were juicy, creating non stop action dropping at 300 feet per mile. Tensleep creek is one of the best creeks in Wyoming and I will go back every year to enjoy the stunning scenery and exciting whitewater. Enjoy the GoPro edit from the day with the gauge at over two feet.
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Teton Living

Living in Grand Teton National Park we have an amazing opportunity to view wildlife.  We see it all: buffalo, moose, elk, deer, antelope, coyote, and bald eagles consistently frequent our back yard. Yes, Jackson, WY is a very special place.

Jess and I have our fair share of domestic animals as well. At the moment we have two dogs, a cat, and 11 chickens. The reason I say “at the moment” is because sometimes we lose a chicken to a coyote, fox, or dog.  Deciding to get a cat was a big decision for Jess and me.  Growing up with cats, I always liked them, but they would disappear at night never to be seen again. Jackson, is a wild place and I was not excited about getting attached to an animal and then having it be some critter’s snack.

We ended up getting Lyle the cat, after lunch in town when the Star Valley Animal Center was giving away homeless animals in front of  the restaurant we were eating at. We actually left, after holding the small kitten, and made it all the way around the block before we turned around and came back. So close, but I cave easy.

Introduction to home life was easy.  He loved our dogs.

Our goal is to get the cat inside at night. When the dogs are around he is safe, as they bark and chase away every coyote and fox. One thing the dogs do not mess with is bison. The dogs know that the bison do not care if they bark and they won’t run away. Lyle the cat on the other hand is completely infatuated with bison. I have seen him on multiple occasions stalk a heard of bison on his belly getting as close as he possibly can. The massive animals don’t seem to mind hanging out with him.

Even our neighbor, Ted Kerasote noticed Lyle chilling with a bison.  He emailed us this photo last week.

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